Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1) review of Inception in The New Yorker. Why don't they make movies like they used to? I haven't seen it yet, I'm curious, yet skeptical. I'm too easily won over by effects and music, but I wonder where the talent is anymore. I think I will always just be more partial to those classic Audrey Hepburn and Greta Garbo films. The review was not scathing but it was critical about the fact that Nolan was far too into making crazy effects rather than building character and story line. I could feel myself already falling into oblivion, being sucked into a cavernous world of twists that my brain might not be able to handle. I may go see it first, as long as I can find a theatre in Montreal where they play English films in English.

2) Not everyone believes me, but I'm telling you, and I hope you believe me, that the new hot nail colour is antique green, or mint green. I think it can go by both names, I prefer antique green myself. I also recently found out through an article in NOW magazine's Ecoholic chronicle that the polish teams on the up and up with getting rid of toxic chemicals in nail polish are Revlon, L'Oreal Paris, Rimmel etc. It also mentioned that there are even ORGANIC nail polishes out there. Can you imagine it?! You can read the entire article here . Back to this seasons colour - antique green -I've seen it on several girls who were definetly hipster fashionistas ergo my conclusion. I'm certainly not a trend follower or fashionista myself, but I do believe in sharing the news about this nail colour, and I also do really love it. The official name of the colour with Revlon in Jaded, and it's a new shade, and it's on sale now at your local Shoppers Drugmart or Pharmaprix, depending upon which province you reside in!

3) I have a thing for bags. I have many bags of many colours (not just black, surprisingly), of many shapes and sizes. Bags from Texas, New York City, and Paris. Bags from anywhere and everywhere. I recently was given a really sweet grey handbag that was in bad shape and I had to throw it away in the end. However, just prior to this incident, on my last trip back to Montreal on the (dreaded and beloved) Megabus, I saw a girl with THE BAG.

(image courtesy of Urban Outfitters)

I believe this to be the perfect bag for the season. It's part vintage, part classic, part chic, and part utilitarian. What more could you want in a bag than utilitarian design partnered with all time classic chicness? Nothing more, I would have to say. The fact is also that this is the perfect bag to use on your bike. Useful and cool at the same time. voila.

So now, as I'm heading back, once again, to Montreal, this time via VIA rail and their AWESOME seat sale. And on this trip, I wear my new polish on my toes and plan to head at once to UO to pick up a new bag, and on the way back stop by the cinema to fill my ears, eyes and nostrils with some incredible movie mindblowing effects.

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