Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ísland. þetta sumar.
fyrír nám á Svartárkot.

Bárðardalur, Norður Ísland

Friday, February 18, 2011

Islanders always return to the island

- Shary Boyle projection drawing projects
- also Shary Boyle in the flesh conference at UQAM this week
- conferences to come: Nietzsche, Daniel Barrow = ohhhhhh yes!
- Queer parties + beer on the metro + little viles of liquid + beer on the street + talking heads and discotheques disco lights
- meeting Odile, Dounia, Amine, Vincent and most of all Angela
- adventure to St-Henri with Odile + chili + diamant perle + i heart this new life!
- petit rupture to discover the truth
- The Landscape in our Bodies
- Islenska
- Persona last night at Union Française - so very very amazing.
- experimental geography and better world books
- so much icelandic iceland ísland íslenska

Long ago my families left their islands and I have returned again and again to different islands. it's in my blood to be surrounded by the sea.
Montréal (yes, we are on an island)
next, Iceland.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Iceland. Íslande.
Land of fire and ice. Land of eternal darkness and eternal light.

My golden white beacon.
My grounding.
My perspective.
You are what I hold onto, what I look towards and what I move into.
I look forward to you.

Never let me go.

Rökkurró - Sólin mun skína from Rökkurró on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A New Religion

In Le Gai Savoir para. 125 Nietzsche, for the first time, pronounces God is dead, and that we have killed him.

(Giuseppe Sanmartino, Vieled Christ, detail, 1753. Naples, Cappella di Sansevero)

N’avez-vous pas entendu parler de cet homme insensé qui, ayant allumé une lanterne en plein midi, courait sur la place du marché et criait sans cesse : « Je cherche Dieu! Je cherche Dieu! » - Et comme là-bas se trouvaient précisément rassemblés beaucoup de ceux qui ne croyaient pas en Dieu, il suscita une grand hilarité. L’a-t-on perdu? dit l’un.

S’est-il égaré comme un enfant? dit un autre. Ou bien se cache-t-il quelque part ? A-t-il peur de nous? S’est-il embarqué? A-t-il émigré? – ainsi ils criaient et riaient tous à la fois. L’insensé se précipita au milieu d’eux et les perça de ses regards. « Où est Dieu? cria-t-il, je vais vous le dire! Nous l’avons tué – vous et moi! Nous tous sommes ses meurtriers!

Embrace the new religion.
Follow the revolution.

(Lady Gaga, posing with veiled ensemble)

For the love of little monsters, fame, bad girl meat and free bitchez.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Méditeranée at the Oceanographic Museum, Monaco

(Wu Zei by Huang Yong Ping. Photo courtesy of e-flux)

The Oceanographic Museum in Monaco presents an exhibition celebrating the Mediterranean sea. Bringing contemporary art and science together, this exhibition presents a series of maritime objects that illustrate the rich biodiversity and complexity of sea life.

This exhibition also presents a monumental installation by the Sing-Franco artist Huang Yong Ping. The installation consists of a 25 meter hybrid creation - the combination of an octopus and a cuttlefish that engulfs a Medusa-esque chandelier created by the German biologist, philosopher and free thinker Ernst Haekle. The octu-fish devours the chandelier while spreading its tentacles along the ceiling of the museum, stretching out and around the room, taking it over with it's presence.

The title "Wu Zei" is quite ambiguous. In Chinese "Wu Zei" means cuttlefish while the characters for Wu and Zei also connote different things: the colour black and stealing respectively. Yong Ping simultaneously eludes to urbanization of the coast of the Mediterranean sea, recent oil spill disasters and the omnipresence of global warming and climate change. Being one of the world's richest reservoirs of biodiversity, the Mediterranean is also one the places most at risk for corruption, pollution and disaster.

Finally, I will venture, unsurely into the land of Rancièrean discourse, that this could be an interesting example of the paradox of the aesthetic regime of art combining art and non-art, and the heteronomy and autonomy of art in an installation political engaged (the politics part is fuzzy, being a little too obvious; its very obviously politically engaged... in the politics of our ever increasingly fragile environment... however, i'm as yet, learning!)

20 November 2010 - 20 May 2012