Wednesday, June 30, 2010

photo booth

*let's all take a moment to reflect on photography*

Print vs. digital.

There are two kinds of photograhpy (that i'm aware of) that involve instanaity and print. One is the Polaroid, which is now coming back thanks to the Impossible Project (see side bar Impossible Project link). The other is the photo booth.

The film Amelie probably made the photobooth infamous and instantly desireable.

Anyway. that is my short reflection on Photography. I'll have you all know right now I am not a fan of digital photography, and when your computers crash and you loose all your photos, you will know why. (this has never happened to me, I'm just highly wary of trusting technology so much. It's not as trustworthy as we might think.)

Lastly, photo booth photos from my adventures in Toronto last night.
Me and Angie. At Union Station.


These photos make me happy and sad. Being in a photo booth is so fun and usually painful due to the tiny seat. But it makes me sad to think that Angie is far away in Saskatchewan.

It's a lesson in understanding the vastness of our land.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Inspired by Julie. Julie who is going for the Jugular.
Good call, and I think it has been a good wake up call for me too.

Since reading Julie's Jugular post I've been thinking a lot about my blog. I often feel very torn about blogs and the internet. It is true that you can reach anybody you want through the intenet, yet the internet is so vast, unending even, that how does anyone ever come across my blog anyway? and what would draw it to them. So I think I started to recline into a comfortable maeva zone of musing on my own love affairs in life.

But what are those anyway?
When I started this blog after returning from Corsica I needed to reflect on technology and art, photography and technology, as well as my life. Some seriously amazing changes happened at that moment - new job, new home, new people. Things were changing. But now this idea (for this blog) has been in a lull for well over a year. and I neglected it for well over a year as well. But this (the neglect part) could also be interesting.

Anyway, I'm starting to feel like an internet flake. During the time at home, baking tons of cookies and lolligaging about at home, in the garden, knitting, watching movies, reading, playing music (to listen to and to play) is all fine and dandy, but where are my thoughts these days? where are my inspirations and desires?

So, this is an overhaul baby.
And Maeva is going for the Mother load (sounds better than Maeva and the Jugular, unless you folk out there in internet land can come up with something even better!)

More to come in part deux of overhaul mania.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Margaux the stray kitty

Couldn't resist posting a photo before my film is developed!
Sweetest little kitty ever.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

miscellaenia, montreal and a bake sale!

I just developed my first 35 mm film in about a year and a half yesterday. There is nothing like leaving Village Studios (my local photo developer of choice) and hurridely opening the envelope to see my photos. All the waiting is worth it for that moment.

This particular film was in my camera for probably a year, There were already photos on the film when I decided to pick my camera up again. I started to open it and then realized there might be a film inside. So I went into my makeshift darkroom and low and behold found film inside.

The first photos are what were already on the film. Miscellania from over a year ago.

A tree that was hit by lighting on the Niagara Escarpment:

Bottles. In a window.

This was the last photo I had taken all that time ago, and since I decided to open my camera to find out if there was film inside, I ended up taking a double exposure by accident. Thus this photo includes the oldest tree in Grimsby, and my friend Sherrie's beautiful livingroom window in her old apartment in Outremont.


Next. I recently went to Montreal, the true European capital of Canada (in my humble opinion), to sort out my disasterous lease and apartment situation, see my lovely lovely Saskatchewan friend Angie and visit my lovely lovely vieux chunks friends in Drummondville. Angie is a saint and went apartment hunting for a day in the pouring rain with me. We walked to the very east end of Avenue Mont-Royal to see a really crumby apartment, our shoes were totally soaked as were we, and then had to walk all the way back up Avenue Mont-Royal to get to the metro. It was epic. and that evening she made a delicious Hungarian Mushroom soup.


The next day was sunny and warm and so wonderful out. So we went on an excellent walking adventure.

First we walked from Ave Wiseman and Ave Bernard, in Outremont, to "Le Depanneur" - I think my new favourite of all times restaurant. (I don't have many, but this one I really realy liked!) In one of the hottest spots in Montreal - nestled between Mile End and Outremont, this little resto has everything - exposed brick walls, live music, cozy couches and odd tables to sit at, bunting for decorations and best of all very handsome waiters. I cna't comment on the waitresses yet since we only had handsome waiters that day, but maybe they only hire good looking peeps! I will investigate further ;)

Alors, Le Depanneur. We also drank delicious tea and ate delicous food here.


When we were leaving, we asked the handsome waiter for directions to the nearest metro station and he drew us a map, that I kept, of course, becuase I'm like that. It led us here:

We thought for sure he led us astray when we climbed the stairs we saw and ended up on what seemed to be a highway! But a few mintues later after discussing the store "Jeans, jeans, jeans" in detail we ended up at Laurier station! So the handsome waiter didn't lead us astray after all!

On the way there, we saw this amazing shop and I want everything in the window. Especially that globe. I already have a globe (Aberfoyle market find at $15!), but I love that one too.


After eating at Le Depanneur, I went to get my haircut at Dru by Lucie on St-Laurent at Laurier.

Angie met me there and we went walking about. I think we were on Villeneuve when we saw this amazing little window display that just drew me in!


Also on Villeneuve one of my favourite shops ever:

I have no idea what street we are on here, but oh man (!). A dinosaur diorama. It was very detailed too.


Hence, yet another amazing adventure in Montreal. This city gets better with each time I visit it. And there will be many more adventures to come.

Now, at home, in Onterrible, I decided, since I don't have a job, I have a car to sell and I love baking, that I would have a bake sale in my driveway. Accomplishes all three of these tasks in one!

And this was my first bake sale:


New bake sale to come next Saturday!

Last but not least, my mom discovered in the midst of the bake sale that the Magnolia tree had finally bloomed for the first time:


New film locked and loaded ready to capture my dreams.
To come, Margaux our new (stray) kitty living in our garden, Montreal and Drummondville, again, and Angie's adventures in Toronto!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bonne Fete....

a moi! :)

27 years young today! and so many things coming to fruition!

Here's a birthday cake photo from two years ago.


We have a serious birthday cake tradition in this house - every year its something very special. This year I wasn't sure what I wanted until I remembered the 1th birthday photo of my Strawberry shortcake cake with sparklers for candles and me standing on a chair with blonde pigtails and red wellies!

I don't have red wellies anymore, or pigtails. I also don't have any more polaroid film (given that it went under etc and has just re-emerged thanks to the impossible project!)

I love this photo because a) I look very fresh and happy. I had just a little while before re-landed in Canada from my year in Corsica. and b) our kitchen looks so 50s. Even the microwave looks like it's from the 50s.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Dear attentive and dedicated readers!
I'm very sorry for the almost year long hiatus. You may or may not know, I moved to Drummondville QC. I had some interesting experiences there, and took some lovely photos. but I was not connected to the internet very often so I have neglected my photo blog for a long long time.
However, now I am back in Ontario for a short time, and I have internet again, and lots of time due to (temporary) unemployment!
So expect some new photos of the last 8 months and my time in la belle province soon.

Much love,