Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Inspired by Julie. Julie who is going for the Jugular.
Good call, and I think it has been a good wake up call for me too.

Since reading Julie's Jugular post I've been thinking a lot about my blog. I often feel very torn about blogs and the internet. It is true that you can reach anybody you want through the intenet, yet the internet is so vast, unending even, that how does anyone ever come across my blog anyway? and what would draw it to them. So I think I started to recline into a comfortable maeva zone of musing on my own love affairs in life.

But what are those anyway?
When I started this blog after returning from Corsica I needed to reflect on technology and art, photography and technology, as well as my life. Some seriously amazing changes happened at that moment - new job, new home, new people. Things were changing. But now this idea (for this blog) has been in a lull for well over a year. and I neglected it for well over a year as well. But this (the neglect part) could also be interesting.

Anyway, I'm starting to feel like an internet flake. During the time at home, baking tons of cookies and lolligaging about at home, in the garden, knitting, watching movies, reading, playing music (to listen to and to play) is all fine and dandy, but where are my thoughts these days? where are my inspirations and desires?

So, this is an overhaul baby.
And Maeva is going for the Mother load (sounds better than Maeva and the Jugular, unless you folk out there in internet land can come up with something even better!)

More to come in part deux of overhaul mania.

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Julie Phillips said...

yay! overhaul is working! look at all these new, great posts. love you babe!! maeva & the motherload works. (: (: oh - and look at your short hair!! beautiful. xo