Wednesday, June 30, 2010

photo booth

*let's all take a moment to reflect on photography*

Print vs. digital.

There are two kinds of photograhpy (that i'm aware of) that involve instanaity and print. One is the Polaroid, which is now coming back thanks to the Impossible Project (see side bar Impossible Project link). The other is the photo booth.

The film Amelie probably made the photobooth infamous and instantly desireable.

Anyway. that is my short reflection on Photography. I'll have you all know right now I am not a fan of digital photography, and when your computers crash and you loose all your photos, you will know why. (this has never happened to me, I'm just highly wary of trusting technology so much. It's not as trustworthy as we might think.)

Lastly, photo booth photos from my adventures in Toronto last night.
Me and Angie. At Union Station.


These photos make me happy and sad. Being in a photo booth is so fun and usually painful due to the tiny seat. But it makes me sad to think that Angie is far away in Saskatchewan.

It's a lesson in understanding the vastness of our land.

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