Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a richmond hill sunset

in richmond hill chez kath.
feeling disconnected. but immersed in film - soon the product of my polaroid adventures! documenting the amazingness that is grimsby. for now my fourth role from the holga. fugi provia slide film cross processed. blue blue blue. like joni mitchell.


Monday, June 16, 2008

grimsby to toronto and in between

I've been experimenting with the holga. waiting for the polaroid film to arrive, biting my nails in anticipation, cringing everytime the mailbox is empty (again), thinking, seeing and dreaming in polaroid. dreaming in french has come back as well recently.

so here are the fruits of my experimental labour:

holga roll 2: 35 mm life brand film (go shoppers!)


click here to see a bigger version.

b mode otherwise known as blur or more professionally known as bulb. have now discovered the usefullness of inspecting the holga before using blindly! though i'm quite pleased with some of these images nonetheless.

holga roll 3: 35 mm life brand film
* film developper man at shoppers lab left a note on the front saying 'we developed your film but impossible to pring your negatives TOO BIG!' but they printed them anyway


click here to see a bigger version.

and lastly, as it is june 16 and blooms day let's go eat strawberries (not that strawberries and blooms day are at all related).

a little strawberry tip: for extra juicy, zingy and yumtastic strawberries add a dash of balsamic vinagre! you will be pleasantly surprised!


mmmm. enjoy!

Monday, June 9, 2008

chez moi

promised (myself) only film photos but gave in after a few days of blooming flowers inspired the digital finger to take over. Wanted to share a little taste of Chez Moi. If you've always wondered what a typical rural ontarioian town looks like - well here it is. From day to night - traversing towns, bridges, ages, concrete to nature.


click here to see a bigger version.

Left to Right
Top to Bottom

my cat Tess - QEW toronto bound Burlington Skyway bridge - Oakville Galleries Centennial Square

flowers in the garden (purple - unknown, poppies, iris')

The terrible five (Roman, Faith, Joey, Chester aka Kone, Maeve) - maeve and mom portrait - Roman reading to Chester

Sunset after a thunderstorm - Faith playing piano - Grimsby at night, Main Street

Thursday, June 5, 2008

for puzzle

for she who is jumping about Europe.


robin's egg collection, mom's living room

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Holga role 1

To begin my new creative space we begin with photos from my new camera! A Holga CFN - exciting!!!! I'm nearly 25 and finally have a medium format camera. I was a bit disappointed at first with the photos because there weren't any funny cool colour things happening but I've grown to like them.


I'm also celebrating my new bicycle for commuting to work - a blue rashleigh peugeot! Since my old cinammon coloured peugeot is now scrap, I have a new peugeot!

It's coming up to Bicycle to get there week in Niagara so let's get out of our cars enjoy June and ride our bikes!