Monday, June 9, 2008

chez moi

promised (myself) only film photos but gave in after a few days of blooming flowers inspired the digital finger to take over. Wanted to share a little taste of Chez Moi. If you've always wondered what a typical rural ontarioian town looks like - well here it is. From day to night - traversing towns, bridges, ages, concrete to nature.


click here to see a bigger version.

Left to Right
Top to Bottom

my cat Tess - QEW toronto bound Burlington Skyway bridge - Oakville Galleries Centennial Square

flowers in the garden (purple - unknown, poppies, iris')

The terrible five (Roman, Faith, Joey, Chester aka Kone, Maeve) - maeve and mom portrait - Roman reading to Chester

Sunset after a thunderstorm - Faith playing piano - Grimsby at night, Main Street

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