Friday, February 18, 2011

Islanders always return to the island

- Shary Boyle projection drawing projects
- also Shary Boyle in the flesh conference at UQAM this week
- conferences to come: Nietzsche, Daniel Barrow = ohhhhhh yes!
- Queer parties + beer on the metro + little viles of liquid + beer on the street + talking heads and discotheques disco lights
- meeting Odile, Dounia, Amine, Vincent and most of all Angela
- adventure to St-Henri with Odile + chili + diamant perle + i heart this new life!
- petit rupture to discover the truth
- The Landscape in our Bodies
- Islenska
- Persona last night at Union Française - so very very amazing.
- experimental geography and better world books
- so much icelandic iceland ísland íslenska

Long ago my families left their islands and I have returned again and again to different islands. it's in my blood to be surrounded by the sea.
Montréal (yes, we are on an island)
next, Iceland.

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