Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dancing Solar Flowers

Artist Alexandre Dang created a work called "Dancing Solar Flowers", an artwork dedicated to better life for mankind. It will be exhibited at the Belgian & European Pavillion of World Expo Shanghai 2010. His works often trigger debate about issues linked with sustainable development, environment and energy.

In Dancing Solar Flowers, see a video here each flower integrates an engine with a solar cell. The solar cell converts light into electricity that powers the engine which then allows the flower to move, or dance.

The impetus behind much of Dang's work is the need to raise awareness of the potential of environmentally friendly technologies or eco-technologies and sustainable development. Many of us man not know that the sun provides 10 000 times more energy to the earth than humans needs, yet more than 1.7 million people still do not have access to electricity. The need to address this major issue is the driving force behind Dang's work. He combines scientific approaches, environmental concern and humanism in order to address these concerns in his work which involves kinetic art using solar energy for its power source.

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