Thursday, August 19, 2010

Flowers fly from ships' foghorns and land on women's skirts and stick to them. If a woman is strong - tempered, loud - cloured flowers fly to her. If she is calm, mild and earth-coloured. If she is fun, giant open flowers. If she is quiet and stay-at-home, the forget-me-nots sneak up to her while she
is asleep. And she wakes up wearing a nightdress with blue flowers. Gladiolas when a woman is mad. Pennywort if she is mean and clever. Every woman's time for roses will come if she waits. And fly-traps if she keeps a close watch on herself and her nearest. Wildly in love, women are covered with orange lilies, but if a woman is a girl who is a woman who is a girl who is always thinking about sex for the first time, mayweed settle on her skirt, comfort her/scare her, comfort/scare her, comfort/scare her. Flamingo plants come when a women is growing old.
Flowers fly from ships' foghorns.

THE FLOWERS of WOMEN'S SKIRTS by Kristín Ómarsdóttir.


leah said...

omigawd this is beautiful.

Maëva said...

thought you would like it. and the poet, she's Icelandic! magic :)