Saturday, August 14, 2010

game plan saturday edition


5.38am open window for Minou. Marvel at the stillness of the world.

10am get up; make tea; read The New Yorker June 7th in Bed. In particular Fiction "Extreme Solitude" by Jeffrey Eugenides and "No Secrets: Julian Assange's mission for total transparency" by Raffi Khatchadourian. Read to the Bach's Fugue en si mineur performed by Glenn Gould on Espace Musique's livestream.

11am call mom; call lady who wants to see the car.

Noon make more tea; earl grey loose leaf; Parisian pain toast with plum butter, strawberry jam and other such accoutrements.

- buy garbage bin
- find Canadian Tire or Home Hardware in the direct vicinity
- buy clothes line things that hold the clothes line together
- get ingredients and tupperware for Sparkling Ginger Chip Cookies
- make Sparkling Ginger Chip Cookies
- buy La Presse
- read La Presse at Parc Lafontaine. with cookies.
- make long awkward black skirt into cute little black skirt.
- watch the end of Gainsbourg

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Lottie Anderson said...

very excited to be following your blog darling. Now I will be able to keep track of all the wonderful and exciting things you are doing.