Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rainy Sundays

1) submission to make/shift = done.
2) submission to Front = done.
3) made Golden Tomato sauce with tomatoes I bought at the marché Jean-Talon earlier this week.
4) going to make (another) Peach upside down cake, or maybe the Ginger Peach Upside down cake that was featured on Thimble two days ago. mmmmm. baking on Rainy sundays.
Yesterday was the first time I ever made a Peach upsdie down cake, and it was very delicious. Moist and fluffy cake with perfectly carmelized peaches in a big concentric circle, garnished with almonds. I didn't even have trouble getting it out of the pan! Success.

Rainy day music = the following.

(Bicycle by Gary Louis and Mark Olsen)

I've been having such a great few days. I don't know many people here in Montréal but those that I do are wonderful souls and we have been having many adventures. Cookie making, bike rides in the night/in the rain, beer and cider on tap at L'escalier - a great little bohemian bar, great music, hikes up Mont-Royal in the sunshine with fabulous views of the city, nights out on the town, markets (jean-talon and atwater), bike repair lessons (when my inner tubes on both tires exploded and me and David had to go and get some more in St-Henri, and then I learned how to replace inner tubes!), and other great adventures.

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leah said...

your days are amazing :D