Sunday, September 26, 2010

fall weather

It's that crispy time of year. The leaves have started turning here in Montréal and I hope I get a chance to take a trip in the beautiful Québec country side during one of the most beautiful seasons.

Fall weather is perfect for breaking out the tea, scarves, knitting and the soups. (some of my favourite things).

Tonight after walking around Mile End and the Plateau with my friend checking fall fashions and buying us some real bagels, fresh and warm right out of the oven, I came home to make one of my favourite soups.

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The Rustic Cabbage soup is the hearty, warm fuzzy feeling kind of soup that is perfect for a Sunday evening spent with Poétique by Aristotle.

Ingredients include half a savoy cabbage, about four potatoes (usually I buy red potatoes), an onion, a few cloves of garlic, olive oil, stock, a can of beans (your choice romano or kidney) and parmesan cheese. Freshly grated or good quality pre-grated add just the right edge of flavour to this totally perfect soup. Your soup life will not be the same after trying this magic wonder.

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