Thursday, September 30, 2010

oh, grammar!

iiiiiiiiiiiii cccccccaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn'tttttttttttt slleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

this is the worst thing evar. I just went through 7 and a half yes 7.5, 7 1/2 or seven and a half HOURSSSS of lectures IN FRENCH today, and then walked home with aching feet from the cowboy boots that wore me today (even though I told them that it was me who was doin' the wearin' round here...) (southern slang intended) in the RAIN not just rain terrential rain and now... i ... can't sleep. this must be hell. or bliss? hard to believe.
so what do you do to put yourself to sleep when the sleep God's are defying you? Please internet land help me out with this one! My attempt is going to include reading about rhizomatic-ness by Deleuze and Guattari because I had this fantabulously crazilicious idea (think I can use those words in my upcoming papers?!) for my approches esthétique essay... LADY GAGA AND RHIZOMAITC THEORY. ... i realize i'm already writing a paper on Lady Gaga but... I think her oeuvre probably falls under the philosophical category of "rhizome". Now, I'm not sure if my Professor with the cute jeans will think so but I sure can try!

ok so i'm gonna get to my lullaby reading now.
night night I HOPE.

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