Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I have had the "epiphonic" even catastrophic pleasure of hearing for the first time the fifth cello suite in C minor, [which is the relative key to E flat]. The Pareludium alone will send your ear drums into throes of harmonic ecstasy. But the whole suite is stunning and worth listening to with your evening tea or fingers of whiskey.

This suite in particular is written in Scordatura - Italian for mistuning. That means the A string is tuned a whole tone lower to G, to make playing the chords easier. This is partly what gives this piece its haunting tone. The numerous chords add to its richness.

I'm not sure how I lived before, having never heard this magnificent piece of music.
Je suis méduser. C'est éblouissant.

(image c/o http://www.wimmercello.com/bachs5ms.html)

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