Sunday, January 9, 2011

i resoluti

no. 1 Yoga. a) for a healthier mind, body and spirit and b) to rock the limbo line at next year's party of the year

no. 2 Less internet. and by that I mean less of the wasteful kind of Internet, not the great kind of looking up books at the library, learning Icelandic, etc.

no. 3 Grow a spine.

new projects:
- knitting a sweater: the boat-necked easy c/o make it with Mademoiselle circa 1987.
- morning routine of tea, yoga and Bach.
- paper to write: Gaga + Neitzsche's Dionysiac + Adorno's Negative Aesthetic.
- creative project: pattern making leading to clothes making (thanks to one of my christmas presents: Little Green Dresses.)
- learning Icelandic online.
- frequent library trips (I <3 you Bibliothèque Nationale)
- wednesday evening ritual 5 à 7 à l'Hotel de la Montagne with my Concordia friends.

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