Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Harmony celebration, Reykjavík, 9 ágúst 2011

a new spirit was found. the west fjords uncovered the silence. the tranquility.
this spirit and i bonded on an incredible level; communicating through speech, through our eyes, through our nerve endings. you understood me, you read me like a book. you were so tenderly open and honest with me.
we caused enough friction to tear a chasm in the film around the world that was holding me back from fully exploring and perceiving. with your presence, your inspiring spirit i was able to tear through that surface and go deeper than ever before. like the depths of the fjord and the height of the mountains i came closer than ever before in reaching both.
one friend lost.
one stranger leaving me to find a new roof.

but despite all the people turning me away, I still love Iceland. I am still in love. nothing can crush this.

and by the light of the moon, which i haven't seen since arriving here 24 june 2011, i walked back to my current bed for the last time ready to embrace the next step on this path. on this beautiful path that i have just started to uncover.