Wednesday, July 21, 2010

overhaul part deux

I haven't fully reflected on my 'overhaul' of this blog.
But what I have thought about is a vision for it.

Like I said in 'Overhaul part uno' - originally I came to this blog conflicted by technology in regards to the photograph and our monotonous capturing of every day life (of which I am guilty too) (thanks to the digital camera). I dabbled for a year in medium format holga and polaroid photographs, until funds ran low for such costly films (Polaroid being nearly extinct, being reprinted now at extrodinary prices).

Then, I moved away, to Drummondville QC and into sequestered land. and neglected this blog for a year. Moved, and shifted visions.

Now I'm back in internet blog land, for awhile, and I need to sort out what I'm doing here.

What is this blog about and why?

I've decided it's about the things I love in life, which are photography, art, travelling, cooking, music.

And thus, this is what I'm going to blog about. and have been, too. mostly.

I suspect in the coming months my vision will change again as I embark on a new journey - graduate studies at the Universite du Quebec a Montreal (imagine appropriate accents over e's and a's as necessary).

And I, as always, hope you will continue to read.

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