Tuesday, July 20, 2010

e minor scale

On a recent trip to my favourite thrift store of all time - the one and only Grimsby Benevolent Fund (home of 25c knitting needles, 2.50 chess tables, 25c vintage patterns from the 70s, and many other treasures) - I made the purchase of two vinyl records. Which I will now describe for you. Here.

1) Sir Edward Elgar: Enigma Variations, Pomp and Circumstance and March for India.
I picked this one up mostly for the Enigma Variations. The variations's are actually portraits of his closest friends and family, including his wife Alice. If you listen to them you will certainly recognize the first which was featured in the Matrix. Pomp and Circumstance is a good 'ol British marching tune. You can imagine the Queen being greeted by her people whilst waving her wave to this piece. March of India I have not totally absorbed.

2) Antonin Dvorak: Symphony no. 9 in E minor. I heard it performed in Drummondville. Then I heard it on the radio and said 'That's Dvorak's New world symphony. Then I bought it at the GBF.
This is probably Dvorak's most popular symphony ever written. And according to the orchestral director of the Drummondville Symphony Orchestra, it is one of the most popular symphony's ever written. It was written during Dvorak's stay in the United States. Very uproarious, triumphant, dramatic. All the things Dvorak succeeded at. It is more commmonly known as The New World Symphony or From the New World Symphony.

I also have an ear for anything in E minor. These pieces always strike a particular chord with me. I cannot resist them. (see/or hear rather Elgar's cello concerto in E minor, and a favourite Nocturne by Chopin also in E minor). Something about E in it's minor that does it for me.


leah said...

I have the E minor fetish too...An old piano teacher once told me that vibrationally speaking, the note E resonates the colour gold, and many composers considered it the "key of God." (Check out some really righteous Beethoven for examples). So maybe E minor is all the holy gone melancholy...

I'm loving your blog overhaul :)

maëva said...

That's really interesting Leah! What are your favourite E minor pieces? Glad you dig the overhaul :)