Friday, July 16, 2010

remember that time....

Remember that time when I wrote about the HST and how we should get off our high horses and stop complaining? Well I just paid my first HST on a swimsuit top and tank top at the Superstore last night - $2.46. Thanks Government of Ontario for taking my $2.46. Jerks.

Money sucks.

In other news, I'm going stir crazy, and I'm miffed at the MTO and OSAP.
OSAP is checking information on me with the MTO which probably means they are verifying that there is a vehicle registered in my name, which I didn't claim on my application, becuase it can't really be seen as colaterol (?) since I still owe money on it. Anyone want to buy my car? Please do, I don't want it anymore. I'm further miffed (even more miffed) at the MTO for charging me to renew my plates TWICE. What kind of system is that? A stupid, retarded (in several ways) messed up system that doesn't function properly. The online system would not let me renew the plates online, but actually let the charge go through on my credit card. Then I had to go into the office, buy a new copy of my owenership which I no longer had, a temporary sticker, I almost forgot to put on. Then I had to search for a place that I could get a drive clean test done and on the hottest day in Haides I ended up with my mom in the elbow of Stoney Creek at Chris' garage.
Not a pleasant experience.

Then I had to go back to that dreaded Licening office in downtown Grimsby where there is always a line up out the door (yes, out the door) (that means a wait time of at least 40 mins) to get my plates renewed again and for them to take $74 from me again! WTF.

Here's some wanted or unwanted advice: DON'T BUY A CAR. ride your bike instead. Just make sure you do it in the morning or evening and not in the heat of the afternoon to a road that is not accessible by car or you might end up with heat stroke and stuck in the middle of nowhere with the lake lapping invitingly below you but you can't actually access it. True story.

On a brighter note, upon looking through, categorizing and alphabetizing my mom's vinyl collection I realized she owns the J.S. Bach Goldberg* Variations performed by the one and only Glenn Gould. So happy. So in love with Bach.

Also heard Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy last night in (unfortunately...) Twilight (but I kind of liked it) and this is the new classical album I would like to invest my hard (not) earned money in. Or my refund from MTfreakingO whenever that happens. Of course I dream of finding (if any of you cyber readers out there ever do please buy for me and i will reimburse you!) The Elgar Concerto performed by Jacqueline du Pre on vinyl - equally the Saint Saens and Dvorak and Hayden cello concertos, but the Elgar above all - and equally the Cello suites by Bach - the first of which I am in the process of learning, performed by du Pre or Cassals would be equally enjoyable, but for now I can live with dreamy Debussy. Enough to send you into euphoric sound heaven on an unbearably hot day.

Thus Debussy is in my future and either 1) Broken Social Scene's new album, 2) Feist's newest album, which I love love love love looooove 3) Dark of the Night or 4) She and Him which I'm curious about but have never heard. What are your thoughts?

In other news, I want to go to Tobermory.

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