Thursday, July 22, 2010

Specific needs

There are things we need in life. Sometimes logical, sometimes necessary. Necessity changes between individuals. Primordial needs.

In 2007 I needed to see the retrospective of Lousie Bourgeois work at the Tate Modern in London, UK. and I did. with much ecstatic pleasure.

In 2010 I need to see "The Inexhaustible Image...image epuiser" an exhibition of photographs and installations by Angela Grauerholz at the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, ON until september 26.

Not only is Grauerholz a photography, the medium that captures me and turns my insides backwards, with its liquid intensity, melancholic reality mixed with fictious scents, but she focuses her lense on memories and the ever important archive and collection. These four little words - photography, memory, archive, collection - make my stomach flip and my mouth water like the smell of vinager in a fish and chip shop. Does anything more capturing really exist?

Brief bio: Grauerholz was born in Germany, studied literature at university and then came to Canada to pursue an M.A in photography at Concordia university.
Documentary style photography highly influenced her work immediately and her oeuvre is laced with a nostalgic sense of this still en vogue style of image capturing.

What is most captiviating about her images though is the sad, empty, and familiar feeling behind the hazey way she manipulates her images.

Two very interesting projects to check out = SENTENTIA I-LXII and an infinite sized archive, "Reading room for the working artist" (check it out here).

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