Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vinyl advice

I went to Toronto the other day (as said in previous post on Stabat Mater - Pergolesi) and although I did not leave the store with said piece, I did leave the store with two other albums:

Bon Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago

Joni Mitchell: Hejira

(*note: both these albums were written when the artists were solitary, and one living in a cabin in Wisconsin, the other travelling through Wisconsin. weiiiiird!)

And upon getting home I played Bon Iver. But I ran into some difficulties - and thus I'm going to share this with you in the hopes this never happens to you. New LP's are made with smaller holes, because the technology or the process of making it is not the same. So I put Bon Iver onto my turntable and could not get it off again. ie: it was stuck on the centre pin.

The solution:
a) if you relaize the hole is too small before you put the LP on your turntable, find a way to widen the centre pin hole by using a file or sand paper. It doesn't take much.

b) if you realize the hole is too small after you put the LP on your turntable, with two people, have one person lift the LP from two sides - it's flexible and apparently won't break (speaking from experience) while the other person turns the disc of the turntable to create fiction between the LP and the centre pin.

Et voila.

ps. if you want to connect your computer to your stereo system read this eHow that's easy to understand with clear step by step directions.

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