Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lanterna Magica

Ich habe bildur zu lanterna magica.
Ich liebe meine lanterna magica sehr.

my attempt at German for today.
I was given for my Birthday a magic lantern made in German. Are you wondering what a magic lantern is? Well, it is everything up to and beyond magical!

A magic lantern is like the first version of a film projector. It's got mirrors and lenses all over the place (the magic part, that makes you confused) and was (back in the day) lit with a candle, but mine is electric (good thing, I think). The film part is actually glass slides that are hand painted. It took this long (basically a whole month) to figure out how to use it. But with the help of my personal 12 year-old engineer and some ingenuity I (we, including said engineer) did it.

and voila - feast your eyes!



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