Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 2 in Montreal is opening on a good note.
Tea and cereal for breakfast with Simon and Garfunkle, and then some truly revelatory ideas and words from my lovely friend Juju played to Aretha's gold.

We all experience lonliness, confusion, sadness sometimes. as well as euphoria and happiness too. It's hard to know how to balance the two and when you are in a place of darkness, how to come back to the light.
Being in a new place with few connections around me, this is something I'm more afraid of then I've as of yet experienced.

But Julie sent me some great articles full of wisdom we could all use when we are feeling afraid or sad, ideas to come back to in those moments.

First, Maeve Haran (! ironic?!), in her article Revealed: the secret to true happiness states, among other things, that connections are a great way to unlock happiness. Connections with strangers, with old friends and new, with family and loved ones. I think it's true. And this reminds me of a beautiful performance piece by Toronto based artist Diane Borsato , where she touched a 1000 people, in response to a study she read that suggested when people are subtly touched it affects their well being. I feel that this number of connections, subtly, and secretly, must have also affected the happiness of Borsato as well. How many times have you spoken to a total stranger and felt your spirit lift? this happened to me just last Saturday when I finally arrived home after 11 hours of traveling. I was standing outside the Giant Tiger (family favourite...) and a lady walked out turned to me and said 'Have a lovely day now'. I wasn't sure what to think, and maybe our society is pre-programmed to think anyone who steps outside the bubble is a bit off their rocker, but I don't believe so myself.

Second, this great video by filmmaker Andrea Dorfman, illustrates the greatest way to enjoy being alone, and in other words, enjoy your own company, probably the best company you'll ever have.

This is my kind of project. right here.
knitting, script, birds, falling hearts, bunting. and dancing. enjoy it.

Third, an article from "Seth's blog" entitled The Places we go describes how are emotions are like rooms. Sadness is a room we may frequent, but why do we, if it makes us feel the way it does. Why don't we frequent the happiness room more often?

Thanks to Julie for all the great articles and videos!

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leah said...

omg diane borsato and this video.
it really astounds me how the same things turn up in our lives, ma cherie :)