Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Longing for...

Ever wondering if there was a connection between architecture and choreogrpahy? Ever wonder if you could choreograph a space depending on the architecutral design of that space? Well... here is your answer:

Longing For… is a hybrid performance-installation focusing on translatory movements of choreography and architecture. With respect to the investigative movement as a specific form of experience and construction of space, the experiment of translating and representing actual characteristics of architecture, i.e. spatial quality in conjunction with actions, and so in conjunction with time is carried out by an intercreative team of choreographers, dancers, composers, and artists.

Focusing on choreography as description and design of space
Longing For… aims to bring representational conventions into dialogue with one another in order to make clear the complexity of interconnectedness and to demonstrate the tension within this media constellation.

Longing For… further analyses the impact of dance on architecture considering dance as the art of space.

Longing For… was organized by Kultur Steirermark in Graz, Austria. It was presented at ARTIMAGE CONTEMPORARY informe venue in Venice, Italy from 27 - 29 August.
Thanks to e-flux for the informative press release.

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