Thursday, September 2, 2010

MTL part dix

Student card = check.
Grand bibliothéque library card = check!
New cheap grocery store discovered = check.
Bike ride encounter with La Centrale co-worker = check.
Amazing bike ride on Hutchinsn and Bernard = check.
breaking the TV = check (I was due for that).
secret sweet streets discovered = check. (Duluthe is my new haven).

Also I smashed a lamp that was in my closet today and then kneeled on a piece of glass. Good work. I also somehow managed to get a perfect print of my bicycle chain on my knee. How I ask you, How.
Then I read about Lady Gaga on the couch with chocolate my neighbour gave me and a giant cup of tea (necessity of life) to the music of the fan.
While in Outremont with Monique this morning in a health food store searching for Thayer's that we can't find anywhere a girl came up to me and handed me a pamphlet about cream. I flipped through it and then Monique said "I think I saw your name in there" and low and behold there is a cream in their line called "Maeva". Maeva is the new thing. it's en vogue. name your kids maeva, or you dog. soon you'll be wearing maeva clothes, and riding a maeva bike.

Get ready, the Maeva revolution is around the corner.

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