Wednesday, September 1, 2010

MTL part neuf

- Xenakis on vinyl
- cat sitting and the mysterious grischat who turned up and captured my heart
- strange landlords
- canicule
- Bill Evans trio
- strange neighbours
- neighbours swearing wickedly in quebecois french at 3am
- empty beer bottle in hand bag
- running into cyclists
- running into pedestrians
- new hair
- missed calls
- new connections, more connections
- cider and wolf parade and broken social scene and joy division
- first day at internship
- art and archives
- opening at skol
- pink fabric with unicorns for Lia
- cello
- circus act preview
- hot nights
- knitting
- meso soup and amazing korean ginger tea
- the girl that emerged from the forest and then went back in again
- performance art
- hookah bar and strange conversations


Julie Phillips said...

add band of horses to your music list!!

Jin said...

haha "strange conversation!" ... that night was surely psychedelic!